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When we created we decided to recommend SeatGeek as our preferred place to buy tickets. Why? Simply put, this is where we buy tickets when we want to attend Major League Baseball games.

Yes, we receive a commission when you use our links and purchase tickets through SeatGeek. You can learn about that in our disclosure. But all ticket platforms offer affiliate agreements, and we picked SeatGeek because their customer experience is the best. With no shortage of ticket buying platforms out there, we like SeatGeek because of the combination of ticket inventory, pricing transparency and overall ease of use.

Does SeatGeek charge fees?

Yes. Of course they do. Every single ticket platform on the internet charges fees. Whether you buy tickets on SeatGeek, Stubhub, or directly from your favorite team’s website, you will pay fees. Sure, there are some ticket platforms running ads on Facebook claiming they don’t charge fees, but look into it. What they’re really doing is rolling the fees into the advertised price, so what you pay in the end is exactly the same (or more!).

What’s great about SeatGeek is that they are completely transparent. SeatGeek gives you the ability to toggle “prices with fees” and “prices before fees”. That’s awesome because if you have the toggle turned to “prices with fees” that means if you find an awesome shaded seat for $40, when you get to the checkout it’s going to actually cost $40.

In our opinion, there is nothing more infuriating than ticket platforms that hide the fees until the very last step of the checkout process. They hope that once you’ve committed to typing in your contact info and billing info that you’re not going to back out once you see the final price. We don’t like that practice and can’t recommend platforms that do that.

Is SeatGeek legit? 

This is a fair question. Unless you buy tickets directly from your favorite team’s website or physical box office, it’s hard to know exactly where the ticket came from and who is selling it. That’s why it’s important to buy tickets on a reputable platform with a solid buyer guarantee. Seatgeek has been around for a decade and has hundreds of employees. This is not a fly-by-night operation run by a single person.

You can click or tap here to read SeatGeek’s buyer guarantee. Put simply, if your ticket is not legit they will offer comparable or better tickets to the event or a full refund. We have personally purchased many tickets on SeatGeek and never had to fall back on the guarantee.

Why not buy direct?

There are two reasons to prefer using SeatGeek or buying directly from your favorite team. The first is price. For low demand games (think weeknights against weak opponents) people like season ticket holders are less likely to attend. The less people who want to attend, the more tickets there will be fore sale and the lower the prices for those tickets will be. For some games, you can save a substantial amount of money buying through SeatGeek than directly from the team.

On the flip side, for high demand games (think weekends against last year’s World Series champion) it might be hard to get seats in the section where you want to sit, because all the seats in those sections are sold out. This is where SeatGeek shines, by giving you access to tickets in sections that would otherwise be inaccessible.