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Shaded Seats at Coors Field

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The Colorado Rockies play home games at Coors Field in Denver’s LoDo neighborhood. It’s a unique ballpark due to its high elevation in the Rocky Mountains and larger than average playing field. Denver has semi-arid climate but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t get hot during the summer! Fans heading downtown to see the Rockies can use this guide to help locate the best Coors Field shaded seats.

Coors Field Orientation to the Sun

Coors Field is oriented so that batters face almost due-north. The run rises over right field and is positioned behind home plate for first pitch during day games. Throughout the day the sun makes its way toward the left field foul pole, eventually setting behind the left field stands. During the day and early evening, there is plenty of sun covering the playing field and large sections of the stands.

The graphic below shows the approximate location of the sun throughout the day on July 1st (halfway through the MLB season).

Coors Field Shaded Seats

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Where are the shaded seats at Coors Field?

As a general rule, the seats in the shade at Coors Field are located:

  1. Behind home plate or sections along the 3rd baseline
  2. Farther back in one of those sections or in a row that’s under cover
  3. In the back half of the upper-300 level sections under the roof

The Rockies keep a different schedule than most MLB teams, starting evening weeknight games at 6:40 p.m. and evening weekend games at 6:10 or 7:10. Weekend day games and getaway games start at 1:10 p.m.

Seats in the Shade at Rockies 1:10 games

By first pitch of an afternoon game, the sun will shine high in the sky with a position behind home plate. The best chance to find shade for the entire game are the sections close to home plate but far enough back to benefit from the cover of the section above. If you like to sit field-level, pick a seat in the last few rows of sections 128-135. If you don’t mind the nosebleeds then upper-300 – upper-335 are decent choices. 

Outfield sections 151-160 and center field sections 401-403 will receive almost no shade the entire game. Some outfield seats in right field may have shade provided by the section above, but these seats are still less than ideal as fans will look into the sun which will be positioned behind the 3rd base stands for much of the game.

Seats in the Shade at Rockies 6:10, 6:40 or 7:10 games

In the summer sunset in Denver isn’t until 8:30 on the longest days of the year. That means fans should be aware of where shaded seats are located, even for night games, because half of the game could take place before the sun goes down. The good news is that there are a variety of shaded seats available for these games. Almost all sections on the 3rd base side of the park will get shade, even those on field-level. Outfield sections 151-160 will get some shade once the sun dips below the stadium structure.

Seats on the 1st base side of the park and uncovered in right field will have to wait until the sun goes down to find safety from the sun. Seats in the upper-level 300 sections along the 1st base line will also receive little shaded in the early innings, even those under the roof. 

Ready to buy shaded seats at Coors Field?

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Enjoy the game!

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